Riding the Northwood Bus

Craig Harvey with busIt’s an Experience!

When you step or wheel onto the Northwood Bus, you’re in for more than just a bus ride. Whether taking residents to medical appointments or hockey games, driver Craig Harvey always does his best to make sure everyone on board has a great experience. “The main reason I love my job so much is because I enjoy being around the residents,” said Craig. “I like to joke around and make sure everyone is comfortable.”

Craig has been driving the Northwood bus full time for the past 13 years. He makes daily trips to the hospital, weekly trips to the mall and several trips a month to the movies and various sporting events. “I really enjoy the special outings because the residents are happy to be going and I know I’m part of making that happen for them.”

Over the years, Craig has gotten to know many of the residents and is well liked and respected within our community. He goes beyond his job and is so much more than a bus driver. “Craig makes people happy and has a lot of fun with the residents,” said Darlene Rogers, Director, Resident Programs and Services. “He’s got such a big heart and has had such a positive impact on so many people.”

Way to go Craig! You’re a great example of how people come first.