Research Distinction Award: Ruth Martin-Misener

Ruth Martin-Misener

Research Distinction Award

 As a leading organization, Northwood investigates, integrates and contributes to the ever expanding knowledge base of continuing care. We work with people like Dr. Ruth Martin-Misener to improve the lives of clients in our care.

Dr. Martin-Misener is a Full Professor at the Dalhousie University School of Nursing, Co-Lead for the Collaborative for Research in Primary Health Care at Dalhousie University and Co-Director of the Canadian Centre for Advanced Practice Nursing Research at McMaster University. The focus of her research is innovative interdisciplinary team-based models of care in primary health care and long-term care with a particular focus on nurse practitioner (NP) and other advanced and specialized nursing roles.

In 2004 she began work to introduce an NP role into the interdisciplinary team at Northwood. Over the next decade, with funding from the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation and Nova Scotia Department of Health, she led a research team to evaluate the implementation and impact of the role on emergency department transfers; medication use; resident, family and health care provider satisfaction; and cost. The NP at Northwood was the first NP in long term care in Nova Scotia.