Person and Family Centred Care

Person and Family Centred Care is an approach that influences the way in which health care is delivered. It acknowledges the expertise and experience that both those receiving care and care providers bring to the relationship. Services and supports are designed and delivered in a way that is integrated, collaborative and mutually respectful of all persons involved.

In 2011, Northwood was selected by the Alzheimer Society of Canada as one of six long term care facilities across Canada to participate in a project entitled: ‘Client Centred Care: Future Directions for Policy and Practice in Home and Community Care’. The project was in partnership with Saint Elizabeth Health Science Centre in Ontario.

Northwood was provided with resource materials to develop an education program for the full range of direct care providers (eg. nursing, allied health, support services). The content was delivered in three 90-minute sessions over a period of several months with 854 Northwood employees participating in at least one session.

Following completion of the education, work began on addressing what staff perceived as potential barriers to implementing this model of care, as well as defining professional boundaries, teamwork, ethical decision making and cultural sensitivity. ”Northwood sees this as an opportunity to formally establish a model of care for In Care Living,” says Darlene Rogers, Director of Resident Programs & Services. “Our goal is to have this philosophy embedded in everything we do.”