Adult Day: Our focus is on Quality

For Northwood’s Adult Day program, quality and safety are woven into everything that’s done. This was evident recently when the program was part of the larger accreditation process for Northwood. While not a first for Adult Day, the program entered into accreditation voluntarily. “It speaks volumes that we decided to go through the accreditation process,” says Donna MacDonald, Director, Adult Day. “It puts us at a higher level and makes us someone the province looks to as a leader.”

In 1978, Northwood was the first organization in Nova Scotia to offer an adult day program. Yet, with no provincially-set standards, Out and About prides itself on implementing strategic and planned safeguards to ensure its programs are of the utmost quality.

“All of these safeguards provide a high level of accountability,” explains Donna. “Our participants are coming from a safe home environment to our environment here, and we need to ensure they’re kept as safe as possible.”

For her, quality means creating that special connection and a trust between the participant and the staff member.