Northwood launches Reboom

Northwood Reboom When Premier Gerald Regan officially opened Northwood Centre on June 22, 1976, the doors also opened on a new multi-purpose community centre designed to serve all seniors living in Halifax.

For Ed Roach, Northwood’s founder and first president, it was the fulfillment of a dream to see Northwood move beyond shelter and care by creating “a home without walls.” True to its name, the Multi-Purpose Centre began offering a range of options for independent seniors that promoted quality of life, independence and active living.

Many of the services Northwood provides today grew out of the Multi-purpose Centre as part of its outreach philosophy including Homecare, Intouch, Telecare, Adult Day program and Northwood’s original bar and lounge, Tiffany’s.

As various services offered by the Multi-purpose Centre were merged into the overall structure of Northwood, the facility took on the role of a recreation centre for seniors in the community. In 2012, that all changed. After three years of consultation with stakeholders and a new vision to better connect with the needs of today’s generation of boomers, the Northwood Community Centre launched Reboom.

Reboom is a community outreach initiative of Northwood and a model for Community Engagement. It has quickly become a crucial source of information for seniors and their families on services available in the community. It is also a focal point for activities geared to active living, a learning centre and a gateway to community involvement. Reboom’s new “Get Savvy Series” is an example of Northwood’s new focus on today’s boomers.

Interested in a range of subjects and eager to learn more, Baby Boomers are lining up to sign on for the series that explores such diverse subjects as money management, Facebook, common-law relationships and coupon saving.

“It’s not a course or a workshop,” says Sharon McVicar, program lead. “It’s a relaxed, friendly learning opportunity that brings experts in to talk with Reboom members about subjects they are interested in.”
Held once a month, the series has attracted as many as 15 to 20 members to each session. “The possibilities are endless,” says Sharon who is busy planning the fall line up.

Reboom is more than just a name change. Northwood is leading the effort to connect with a new generation of seniors whose interests and goals reflect a fresh attitude to living more.