Northwood Foundation welcomes Value Village as a Partner

Value Village LogoThe Northwood Foundation welcomes Value Village as one of its newest partners. Over the past number of months, they have been working with the Foundation to create opportunities that enable residents, tenants and staff to enjoy savings at their stores while making a tangible contribution to Northwood’s Dignified Living Fund.

In July, the Northwood Foundation and the Halifax location of Value Village hosted a clothing drive. Northwood staff and volunteers donated over just over 1,000 lbs of clothing, earning the Foundation $106.00.

Value Village is proud of its support for charitable groups like Northwood. It’s part of their business model. Value Village operates over 300 stores in the United States, Canada and Australia. At the Halifax store, over 25,000 items are sorted each day; 15,000 make it to the floor. That takes a lot of organization. With 12,500 square feet of warehouse space, staff sort everything from books and housewares to clothing and footwear. Items that are not saleable are recycled. Clothing is sent to Africa. Thanks to their efforts, over 600 million pounds are kept out of landfill sites worldwide.

Value Village continues to work with Northwood in support of our Dignified Living Fund. On August 24th, the Northwood Foundation will be in their store to promote the Dignified Living Fund and our Walk of Ages fundraiser. From August 24th until September 20th, Value Village will be selling Northwood trees for two dollars each with proceeds going to our Dignified Living Fund.

Thank Value Village!