North Street Singers

North Street Singers logoThe North Street Singers are a mixed voices choir who perform under the direction of Paul Simons. They practice every Friday afternoon in the Shirley Burnstein Hall, 2615 Northwood Terrace, Halifax and perform pop, folk, country and swing music. Additionally, they practice on Tuesdays if there is an upcoming performance. Songs are chosen to suit the voices of the entire choir and singers are not required to read music. The Singers perform at various nursing homes around the city and have winter and spring concerts. Their most notable concerts happen annually, when they partner with Symphony Nova Scotia and perform together each December.  The Singers are part of the Reboom program, an initiative to get older adults active in the community, in learning and improving their overall quality of life.

Schedule: The North Street Singers choir practices and performances are broken into three semesters:

Semester 1:  September- November

Semester 2:  January- March

Semester 3: April- June

The cost for each semester is $50 per person.

Contact Info:


Phone: 902-454-3351