Fitness Centre

Pauline Potter Fitness Centre

The Pauline Potter Fitness Centre is the first gym in North America to feature a dementia-friendly design! The new space shows Northwood’s commitment to innovation, as it is also wheelchair accessible, accessible to people with vision problems and offers safe air resistance weights.

According to recent studies, physical activity slows down the deterioration process associated with dementia. Now, members of the Northwood Community who are living with dementia have a safe place they can go to exercise and stay healthy.

Elements that make a space dementia friendly include:

Pictures and descriptions of how to use each piece of equipment. full-service gym with certified staff, and a variety of equipment and services available to the community, both inside and outside of Northwood.


Contact us for more information or to schedule a personal training session:

Call: 902-493-5641

2630 Gottingen St

Halifax, NS B3K 3C5