William E. Frank Live More Park & Community Garden

Northwood believes in vibrant communities, and through its mission seeks to give back to the communities where we live, work and play. We are so excited to announce that we are working with our community and sponsors to build a Community Garden Park at our Bedford Location!

Located on the front lawn of The Christina and Hedley G. Ivany Place at 123 Gary Martin Drive in Bedford West, the new Live More Park will:

Enabling people of all ages and walks of life to be healthy, feel welcome and enjoy the outdoors, the design of the Garden Park will be based on ‘dementia friendly’ and accessible building principles. See attached artist’s rendition of the Park here:  http://nwood.ns.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Artist-Rendition.pdf

We welcome you to enjoy the Garden individually and to connect with Community Recreation & Wellness to reserve your community garden plot.

We need your help:


  1. How much does it cost to rent a community garden plot?
    It costs $50 to rent your own plot for a year. Some people split a plot with a friend to cut costs and work load. There are also opportunities to volunteer in communal gardening spaces without having to pay for your own plot. Some tools are available, but if you may want to bring your own “favourites”. A plot includes soil and the wooden surround. You will want to buy your own seeds and purchase some soil amendments like manure or seaweed to really get your plants growing.
  2. Do you have a waitlist for plots?
    We have 36 raised community plots and 6 wheelchair accessible plots. The need for a waitlist will depend on community demand. Wait list access to the garden spots will be managed on a first-come first-served basis.
  3. Do I have to be a Northwood client to get a plot?
    No, the Garden Park is open to all members of the community. You have to be a member of the Garden to get a plot. There are four categories of membership:
  4. Who will manage the Garden after it is built?
    The Northwood Property will be maintained by Northwood (cutting of grass, keeping storm drains patent, snow plowing in the parking lot, etc.). A community-led Garden Steering Committee will manage membership, ongoing education, and garden plots and flower/shrub beds in conjuction with our Community Recreation & Wellness team. A Gardener’s Agreement and Garden Rules will define each member’s responsibilities with regard to garden maintenance.
  5. How big is the Garden Park?
    The land in the front of building for the Community Garden Park is approximately an acre in size. Together with the land on the side of the facility, we have access to 62,860 square feet in total.
  6. What features are included in the Garden Park?
    After engaging with the community and our Northwood staff, residents and volunteers a long term vision was developed. These elements include:

    • 36 community gardening plots with 6 wheel chair accessible garden plots
    • Wide paved pathways for strolling so everyone can walk or wheel with ease.
    • A soothing and tranquil water feature; sweet-smelling shrubs; fruit trees and brightly-coloured flowers;
    • Wheel chair accessible picnic tables and lots of benches to rest on if you find it hard to walk
    • Outdoor games and toys to be shared by everyone.
    • A fruit orchard surrounded by low maintenance gardens
    • A storage/potting space and shade area for small groups to go and enjoy the fun, away from the hot sun.
  7. Why is Northwood doing this and what have they contributed?
    A project of this size needs a lot of resources to get off the ground! We have the land and lots of skilled expertise to offer. We will continue to cut the grass and keep the parking lot cleared. Our Foundation is also providing seed money to get the project started. We are challenging local businesses and community members to match our commitment!

Remember there is no experience necessary! Gardening is all about sharing and learning together, and there are so many opportunities to get involved. Many people are interested in flowers and enjoy weeding, propagation, pruning, or would like to be part of building projects. Others would like to take photos or create art in the garden. The sky is the limit!

We will be offering education sessions on gardening and food-related topics throughout the year. We are always looking for great new ideas, so if you have a workshop idea you would like to lead or organize, please let us know! communitygarden@nwood.ns.ca

Check out our Facebook page to find out about upcoming opportunities to help with events, workshops, building projects, etc.