Managing medications with Northwood Intouch

Whether you take just one pill a day or several throughout the day, it can sometimes be a challenge remembering how and when to take them, no matter how old you are.  With busy lives, time can get away from us and we may not always remember to take what we need as prescribed.

As part of their solutions to help maintain independence, Northwood Intouch has a couple of different options that can help.

Medication Reminder Feature (free)

This feature is free for all Northwood Intouch subscribers.  The base unit can hold up to six, 30-second messages that can be used to remind you to take pills or eye drops, check blood sugars or even remind you of your home support visit or doctor’s appointment.  Important reminders can even be set up to notify the response centre if you miss them.  If you just need a quick reminder, this simple solution might be the option for you!

Medication Dispenser

If taking multiple pills at different times is becoming confusing, or blister packs just aren’t working anymore, this device could be your solution!  It can be used all on its own or as an add-on to the Northwood Intouch basic service. At pill time, an alarm goes off and the tray inside automatically turns to give you the correct dose for that time. This system is ideal for people who want to take their meds, but just can’t seem to remember how and when to take them.  It provides greater independence to those wishing to continue taking their pills on their own vs. having someone come in and give them each time.

To learn more about either of these great services, call the Northwood Intouch office or schedule an appointment to visit our demo suite where you can shown how they work. Call 902-492-3346.