Making the best use of the space we have

Northwood’s strategic plan identifies our response to the needs of the current and future populations as two areas of priority for the organization. One area receiving particular attention is how we use our space. Over the years, frequent changes have been made to our physical environment to deal with specific issues at a particular time. With increased pressure to accommodate new initiatives and the growing need for more office and meeting space, it was time to re-examine our approach to space.

A working group is now developing a new approach to the use of space that puts the client first. It supports our Philosophy of Person Centered Care, help improve the quality of life for our client and advocates for a more effective use of the space we have. Objectives include:

Some work has already been done. Reboom has opened an office on the main floor at Ivany Place and is engaging with the surrounding community to bring activity based programs to the area. Northwood is also continuing to look at options for the land adjacent to Ivany Place.

Intouch offices have relocated to Dartmouth opening up space on the main Floor of the Manor. Plans are now underway to expand the Pauline Potter Fitness Centre and introduce a new exercise program for those people in the early stage of dementia. The space will also be used to create a community hub area featuring programs and services that help connect the external community with the community in Northwood.

On the main floor of the Centre, work has been completed on Northwood’s new Mental Health resource centre as part of the Seeds of Success program. The Isabelle Vardon Study also received a make-over. The fireplace that blocked the view of the study has been removed to open up the space and the carpeting replaced with a tiled floor.

Current plans call for the development of main floor areas at both Ivany Place and Halifax that will feature services, programs and meeting space for residents, tenants and clients. The concept includes the use of colour, signage and themed façades to create a Main street look at both sites.

More announcements are planned as the group moves forward and addressed the issues of space at all three sites.