Introducing Brenda Wyatt, Tenant, Northwood Manor

Brenda WyattBrenda Wyatt is sweet lady with a giving heart and a gentle manner.

She was born in Sydney, Cape Breton but moved Halifax around age nine. Brenda remembers having long curly blonde hair when she was a child!

In 1973, after taking a four-week course through Manpower, Brenda started working as a housekeeper at Northwood. When she left in early 1977, the Centre building had only been open for a short time. She spent the next 24 years as a housekeeper at the old Rehabilitation Centre in Cole Harbour.

Brenda was married to her husband, Earl Wyatt for 21 years. They met while bowling in a neighbourhood league. Earl passed away in 2001.

Brenda now has a special friend named Martin Woods, who lives in Dartmouth. They see each other on the weekends.

In 2004, Brenda moved into an apartment on the sixth floor of the Manor building. She had been volunteering at Northwood for two years and really loved the people.”I’ve met so many new people and have so many friends,” she says. “I love it here at Northwood.”

Three years ago, when the apartment that belonged to her late father and mother-in-law became available, she moved one floor up. Brenda enjoys being on the Harbour side of the building and says, “I now have a million dollar view.”

From time to time, Brenda still assists with bingo on 5 and 7 Centre, and just recently gave up helping with church set up. She enjoys playing darts and going to bingo every Saturday and Monday night. She is also part of Northwood at the Harbour’s Chapel Choir who perform every Friday, and used to be part of Maisie’s Country Time music group.

Another important part of Brenda’s life is her 12-year-old cat named Taffie, who sleeps on her bed every night!