Seeds of Success

Who We are: 

Seeds of Success is Northwood’s Mental Health and Wellness support program. Our goal is to promote good mental health and healthy living, which allows participants to feel, think, and act in ways that help them enjoy life and cope with its challenges.

Who We Meet:

Seeds of Success is open to Northwood In-Care Living residents and tenants living in Northwood Manor or Towers. Individuals can access the program if they have a mental health condition OR are experiencing symptoms that interfere with daily living or routine and can benefit from structured group programs.

Symptoms that interfere with daily living and routine may include:
• Mood swings
• Excessive fear, worry, or anxiety
• Social or family isolation
• Difficulty coping with daily problems

What We do:

Healthy living is about striking a balance in all aspects of life; social, physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual. At Seeds of Success, we work with participants to set goals and achieve balance.

Weekly programs focus on achieving participant’s identified goals in a supportive, social, and welcoming environment.

Seeds of Success programs include:

New Beginnings:
Enhanced gardening and creative expression therapeutic activity group.

Working through Anxiety:
Talk therapy and coping skills.

My Northwood: Finding My Place
Adjustment to long term care support group.

Marjorie Lindsay Centre

Marjorie Lindsay Centre is located at Northwood’s Halifax Campus and is home to the Seeds of Success program. We gratefully acknowledge the the ongoing support provided by Marjorie Lindsay, the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia and Northwood’s Foundation.

How to Get Involved:
Residents and tenants can refer themselves or be referred by a member of the care team. For more info, drop by the Marjorie Lindsay Centre or contact Vanessa Long at 902-454-8311 ext. 3115.

Northwood is proud of its position as an organization of firsts and helping to make an impact in the lives of those living with mental illness through this new program.