Honouring Pauline Potter

Mother’s are extra special people. They care for us, encourage us and love us for who we are. But, unfortunately, we don’t always have our mothers with us for as long as we’d like.

At Northwood, we are truly blessed to be able to keep one mother’s memory alive through donations to the Northwood Foundation that have made a lasting difference to our community.

Since 1998, the Municipal Group of Companies, owned and operated by the Potter Family, has been donating to Northwood because they believe in our mission and values. They believe we are making a difference to people’s lives. Lives like their mother, and grandmother, Pauline Potter. Pauline lived here with us at Northwood for many years.

Northwood is the largest, non-profit, continuing-care organization in Atlantic Canada. Being a non-profit means we rely on donations to support our efforts to enrich the lives of those we serve.

The donations made in memory of Pauline Potter can be seen throughout Northwood. Through their support of our annual gala fundraising events – the Live More Awards and the Walk of Ages – Northwood has been able to create an active living environment that everyone in our community can be a part of.

You may have had a dentist appointment or a massage at the Pauline Potter Community Health Centre or ran a mile or two on a treadmill and lifted some weights at Northwood’s newly renovated Pauline Potter Fitness Centre. These two areas would never have been made possible without the kindness and generosity of the Municipal Group of Companies, and the Potter Family.

Other projects they supported include:  the purchase of various pieces of mobility equipment, Manor dining room renovations, renovation in the Shirley Burnstein Hall, a new nursing call system, and the purchase of our Northwood Bus – just to mention a few.

We were fortunate to have Timothy Potter with us for the grand re-opening of the Pauline Potter Fitness Centre this past March. Timothy was proud to know that they have been supporting Northwood in loving memory of his grandmother, Pauline. Keeping her memory alive and honouring the Northwood Community that cared for her at the same time is something very important to the family.

It’s difficult to share with a donor just how much they make a difference and how grateful Northwood truly is. Sometimes, thank you doesn’t seem like enough.

To the folks at the Municipal Group of Companies, and the Potter Family – Northwood is better because of your kindness. Thank you for caring!