Get Connected: A Great Way to Give Back

Get Connected is a Northwood program that connects Northwood volunteers with older adults living alone in the community. Each week, volunteers make a social phone call to an older adult that promotes meaningful conversations and a friendly connection.

As a volunteer with the GetConnected service, Diane Klabunde knows firsthand what a difference that friendly phone call can make in a senior’s day.

“It’s wonderful to hear the person perk up at the sound of your voice when you call,” she says. “They really get to know you and can’t wait to hear from you.”

Diane first heard about the Northwood phone call service in 2013 from a friend who was receiving the service. Feeling a bit isolated herself, Diane signed up to receive the calls and quickly saw the benefits in her own personal life.

“It was such a great way to start the day; it was like having a chat over breakfast with a friend. It set the tone for the rest of my day.”

After moving into Northwood, Diane soon developed friendships and found a great community of people who support her. She was eager to see how she could give back. Remembering how valuable the GetConnected phone calls were for her, she decided to volunteer as a caller. Diane now calls each of the individuals on her list once a week, and finds there is always something to discuss or catch up about.

“I have been volunteering with Northwood for several years now, and I love it! It’s a great way to stay involved, and I just love the idea of brightening someone’s day.”