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Community Workshop: Financial Literacy Skills

Community Workshops are a way for the surrounding community to come together and enjoy an educational space. Community Workshops provide a platform for vendors and local groups to share knowledge, skills, information and connect with Community Recreation & Wellness members. Northwood offers a variety of informative, education sessions where participants of all ages can come together over a commonality and make new discoveries! Please find this seasons upcoming Community Workshops below. Join us on February 28 as Shami Javed from Freedom 55 Financial offers insight on how expand your financial literary skills! Contact Community Recreation & Wellness to register (902) 454-3351 or crec@nwood.ns.ca

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Location:Great Room, Bedford Campus
Instructor:Shami Javed
Contact:Jessica Titchmarsh
Cost:Free for members, $2.00 for non-members.
Registration:Contact (902) 454-3351 or crec@nwood.ns.ca to register.
Registration contact:crec@nwood.ns.ca
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