Dignified Living Fund

The Dignified Living Fund has made a Difference

In 2011, staff came together to create a special fund, after recognizing that residents and clients were going without items and services necessary to maintaining dignity and quality of life. Since then, the Dignified Living Fund has granted the following requests:

Residents, In Care Living, Halifax and Bedford

40 Dental (services or repairs)
39 Transportation
28 Air conditioner rentals (residents with MS)
25 Medical/OT devices
11 Electronics
10 Medication
9 Clothing
9 Glasses (purchase/repair)
7 Attendant (accompany to outside appointments)
6 Podiatry
>30 Miscellaneous requests


Clients, Homecare

40 Cleaning supplies (products, mops, vacuums)
26 Bathing needs (handheld shower, mats, benches)
17 Bedding & linens (sheets, towels)
9 Personal care items
9 Kitchen items
7 Lift chair, lift inspection or repair
5 Foot care services
5 Walkers
3 Transportation
>12 Miscellaneous requests

Thanks to staff, donors and participants of the Walk of Ages, many Northwood residents and clients are now Living More!