Bedford Community Garden takes a big step forward

With planning now complete, it’s time to start digging. Work on developing a Community Garden Park on the grounds of Ivany Place is about to begin in earnest. First up is the construction of over 1100 square meters of walkway. Dexter Construction will start to erect fencing around the site within the next few weeks. This will allow them to install electrical and waterlines to support the Park and create the paved walkways. Dexter Construction is one the Garden’s key sponsors.

The Park also received its official name. We are thrilled to announce that the Park will named the William E. Frank Live More Park.  A very special donation from The Edwards Family Charitable Foundation will serve to honour the memory of William E. Frank, the Foundation’s late administrator.  Bill Frank was a long-time friend of Northwood and worked tirelessly in the community to help those less fortunate, particularly children.  Bill would be so pleased to know the Park will bring together all community members, regardless of age or ability, helping them to Live More.

We hope to begin work on landscaping next Spring! That’s where you can help. If you would like to make a donation towards the purchase of trees, shrubs and flowers identified in the landscaping plan, please contact us at 902-454-3069 or visit our website at  Every little bit helps!

A Reminder:

Remember, next Spring we will have 42 beds (raised, sit-able and wheel chair accessible heights available) for rent.  Call 902-454-3351 to reserve your bed now. Interest in Community Garden is sure to grow as the Park takes shape.