Marjorie Andrews: Homecare Client

When the Halifax Explosion occurred on December 6, 1917 Marjorie Faulkner was just two months old and living in north end Dartmouth. She was asleep read more

Honouring Joyce Bond

Congratulations to Joyce Bond, Northwood Recreation Therapy and Pastoral Care Volunteer! Joyce was one of the winners of a 2013 HRM Volunteer Award. She embodies read more

Music and Memory Pilot Project

Northwood is excited to announce the opportunity for our residents to participate in a pilot project at both Ivany Place and Northwood at the Harbour. read more

Leading the Way on Oral Health Care

When the results from a Dalhousie research study on oral health care in seniors were released several years ago, the message was clear: when compared read more

Riding the Northwood Bus

It’s an Experience! When you step or wheel onto the Northwood Bus, you’re in for more than just a bus ride. Whether taking residents to read more

Sharon Beckwith: Surviving the Odds

People often judge others by what they see rather than what they know. This statement has been true in Sharon’s life. Born in 1944, Sharon read more