Shoreham Village

009Shoreham Village is a long term care home located in the picturesque village of Chester. It is situated on a park-like setting on over fourteen acres and consists of the In Care Living home, independent living seniors’ apartments and a health centre.

Shoreham is a non-profit organization governed by a volunteer board of directors. It was founded in 1974 by a group of local citizens concerned with the growing need for long-term care in the Chester area.

Shoreham Village…

Northwood/Shoreham Sign Partnership Agreement

Northwood and Shoreham Village have signed an agreement forming a new, innovative partnership that allows the two organizations to work together towards a single goal: providing quality care to residents. This is the first partnership of its kind in Nova Scotia.

Both organizations have worked hard on finalizing the formal agreement and clarifying the lines of communication and accountability. This has been an important process and both sides committed to taking the time needed to get it right.

What does the partnership mean?

For Northwood, it means being able to spread our costs over a much wider area. As government tightens its belt, long term care facilities will need to show they are part of the solution, not a drain on resources. Our partnership will produce efficiencies for both organizations and show government that we are committed to delivering services to the community.

Shoreham will be able to access a number of Northwood services. By integrating certain functions such as human resources, financial services and occupational health, both organizations benefit. Shoreham will continue to have access to Northwood’s clinical team, policy and program development expertise and other supports as needed. Both organizations will integrate purchasing and infrastructure services.

The partnership will also ensure that Shoreham Village remains an important part of the Chester community and open up new opportunities for both organizations. A partnership means both organizations will benefit.