Information for Families

As a family member, you are an important part of our team.

By working together, we can ensure the person you love receives the best possible care, but nothing can take the place of family. Spend some time getting to know our facility, the daily routine, and the staff. Family and friends are always welcomed. We encourage you to visit often, and to participate in activities and events at Northwood. To make your visit more meaningful, check out our Community Recreation & Wellness calendar for a schedule of events that you both can enjoy.

Questions about Cannabis use at Northwood? Click here.

Recreation Therapy Calendars

Our recreation therapy team is always busy organizing events. Please click on the floor/neighbourhood you wish to view the calendar for.

Bedford Campus – December

Halifax Campus – December

We’ve also created a resource area for our locations to better serve you, help you plan your visit, and communicate important information.

Guiding You Through Tough Decisions

If knowing what to do is unclear or you disagree on the best approach, maybe the Northwood Ethics Committee can help.

Resident Handbook

Each resident living at Northwood has a Resident Handbook in their room. You can view the entire Resident Handbook online.