It’s where you start.

Welcome to a new concept in community building: Reboom. It’s not a new program or a different take on an old one; it’s a different way of looking at life and what’s important to YOU. Your family.

Reboom is a Northwood initiative geared to today’s mature adults and their parents. Reboom is your go-to source for leisure options, tips to help you live more, connections to resources, and solutions to issues that concern you, your parents and even your children. Reboom is built on four pillars: Get Doing, Get Learning, Get Involved and Get More.

Membership to Reboom is $20.00 per year and includes regular, free mailouts and exclusive access to lectures and other special onetime events. To get your membership or to renew, please stop by the Reboom office, call us at 902-454-3351, email us at or download your application form today.

To see a full listing of Reboom’s program and event offerings, check out the Get Guide. For more specific information on what is happening by day or location you can view our online calendar.

 Get Doing

Living more and doing more are about choices, making new friends and participating in new experiences. It’s all about attitude. Get active! Stay active! Live more!
• Leisure options
• Fitness & Wellness
• Signature events

Get Learning

Explore new opportunities. Gain new insights. Reboom opens the door to possibilities. “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young” – Henry Ford.
• Educational workshops
• Personal development
• Group/Panel Discussions

Get More

Not sure where to turn? Information and knowledge are the keys to making any informed decision, decisions that affect your life. Let Reboom be your portal to information, community resources and connections. Let us take the guess work out of where to start.
• Community Resources
• Links to relevant information
• Community Partners

Get Involved

Are you looking for new opportunities to connect with others? Do you have skills or ideas that you would like to share? Reboom can be your link to your community and all of the possibilities that lay within. “Our real freedom comes from being aware that we do not have to save the world, merely make a difference in the place where we live.” – Parker Palmer
• Membership
• Volunteerism

General Office Information

Edward L. Roach Building

2615 Northwood Terrace, Halifax, NS
(Staff onsite Monday to Friday)
Please phone the information line for up to date office hours and information or email your request
Information Line: 902-454-3351 or

Ivany Place

123 Gary Martin Drive, Bedford NS
(Staff onsite varying times)
Phone: 902-454-3351 or