Honouring Joyce Bond

Congratulations to Joyce Bond, Northwood Recreation Therapy and Pastoral Care Volunteer! Joyce was one of the winners of a 2013 HRM Volunteer Award. She embodies read more

Music and Memory Pilot Project

Northwood is excited to announce the opportunity for our residents to participate in a pilot project at both Ivany Place and Northwood at the Harbour. read more

Leading the Way on Oral Health Care

When the results from a Dalhousie research study on oral health care in seniors were released several years ago, the message was clear: when compared read more

Riding the Northwood Bus

It’s an Experience! When you step or wheel onto the Northwood Bus, you’re in for more than just a bus ride. Whether taking residents to read more

Sharon Beckwith: Surviving the Odds

People often judge others by what they see rather than what they know. This statement has been true in Sharon’s life. Born in 1944, Sharon read more